Kennesaw Mountain Bands Organization

Booster Club

The Kennesaw Mountain Bands Organization (KMBO), our band booster organization, is an incorporated, non-profit, tax-exempt organization that exists to support the band program at Kennesaw Mountain High School.


KMBO is a vital component in the operations of the Kennesaw Mountain High School Bands as it coordinates critical volunteer and fundraising efforts in support of the program. All large band, small ensemble, and guard students and their parents or guardians are automatically enrolled into the booster organization.  There are no fees for membership. 


The Booster Club is guided by a Board of Directors consisting of officers and members-at-large. General meetings are held monthly at KMHS (specific meeting times can be found in the KMBO calendar). The meetings are open to the public,  although voting is limited to board members.    Members are encouraged to submit agenda items for board review and consideration.  Members should either contact the board president prior to the meeting to request a slot on the agenda or communicate their agenda item to a board member for presentation on their behalf. 

Getting Involved

It truly takes a village to support the KMHS band program as it excels in marching, concert, and visual arts. We are fortunate for our dedicated team of volunteers who contribute their time and talents in support of our thriving program.  However, we are in need of additional volunteers to support our students as they pursue even greater heights.

We encourage you to get involved in one of our many volunteer opportunities.  Even if your time and resources are limited, there are countless options for you to contribute in very meaningful ways.  Our officers and committee chairpersons are more than happy to help you find your fit.  Together we can make it happen!

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