KMBO Mentoring Update

Welcome to one of the most amazing band programs in Cobb County - we are glad you are here! Being new to this program can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you are trying to adjust to life with a High Schooler! You will get a lot of information over this season and it can be a lot to process. There may still be times when you hear a term used and just not understand it -- Vipers? Shako? Bibbers? Or questions about which patches are the right ones to buy when we are at competitions. Or anything else!!

We are here to help! Betty, Lara, and Diane have been with the band program for many years and have seen many seasons. We would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If one of us doesn't have the answer, we'll find the right person for you!

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Mentor Profile: Betty Stacy

What do you do with band?
Chaperoning, Corporate sponsorship and anything else that needs doing!

Who are your children?
Carter is a rising senior magnet trombone player and Whit is a rising junior trumpet.

How has Marching Band impacted your family?
When we moved here 2 1/2 years ago, I knew very little to nothing about band, especially about marching band. My son Carter knew no-one so band was a great place to make friends, especially since he is very shy. Volunteering as a parent is a wonderful way to meet some incredibly talented, hard working and dedicated people that will become great friends.

What is your advice to new families?
Kennesaw Mountain has a great reputation with its bands and has competed on the national level for marching band. KMBO needs parental support at all levels. Please ask any questions and jump on the band wagon!

Mentor Profile: Lara Streck

What do you do in band?
Chair of Spiritwear and Social Media. I also work Mustang Money and chaperone on a regular basis. Also, concessions and hospitality...and one of the on-call band nurses.

Who are your children?
Emily started with Sousaphone and moved to Drum Major - She is a Rising Senior. William plays Bass Clarinet, and is a Rising Sophomore,

What I wish I knew as a new parent coming into the program?
I can't stress this enough... the Fall is going to be a crash-course in time management for your student, especially if they are in Magnet. There are going to be times when they want to quit. There are going to be times when you as a parent are thinking "the amount of practicing that they are doing is crazy." Talk them through it. It can be done. And there is always someone who can help them with their classes if they are having problems. Mr. Huebner and Mr. Futrell are also very open to working with you. They want your student to be successful as much as you do.

As a new parent, what helped you the most adjusting to the band life?
What helped me most was getting involved. I wasn't a band kid. I didn't understand WHY they had to practice so much and why my daughter wanted to march so badly. "It's just marching band!". "What's a dot book??" I started chaperoning literally on Day 2 of May camp. I quickly understood how hard they work and all of the intricate pieces that go into the caliber of program that Kennesaw Mountain has. Getting involved also gives you resources as a parent- it gives you a support system!

Mentor Profile: Diane Winslow

What do you do in band?

Previous Yard Sale Chair, Fundraising Co-Chair, occasional chaperone, concession worker, and road trip driver.

Who are your children?

Andrew graduated with the Class of 2017 and played Sousaphone for 4 years in marching band. Jason is a rising sophomore and is in percussion.

What helped the most as a new parent?

I was lucky enough to know a parent whose child was in their last year of band. She took me under her wing before mentoring was cool. I learned a lot and had a great resource for my many questions. Early on, I attended lots of meetings and showed up a bit early for events to help set up, clean up, whatever was needed. Getting involved is a great way to learn the ropes and feel more connected to the entity that absorbs your child for the Fall!

What's your favorite marching band memory?

Only one?? The first time I saw either of my children march. The first time I saw my child in a competition. Going to Grand Nationals and watching our band hold their own and fly high. Watching, with pride, as my child graduated with a band cord. Traveling with a great group of band parents any time we had a road trip. Enjoying a potluck cookout with other band parents. I could go on and on!